Windows 10 Phones Won’t Support Android Apps Anymore

5 November 2015

Phoenix: After one full month of its previous release, Microsoft has finally come up with the new build of Windows 10 mobile. The latest build 10549 has come with a complexity i.e. if you want to install the new build, you will have to downgrade your phone to Windows 8.1. Sounds strange, but it is true! If you are already using the build 10546, you have to downgrade your phone to Windows 8.1 to install the latest build.

This is because of a bug that makes the phone get stuck at a black screen when upgrading from build 10546 to 10549.The new build has been released with many such unusual changes, and one such change is removal of Project Astoria i.e. removal of Android app support in the latest build 10549.

In order to address the dearth of Apps that had a great impact on adoption of Windows phones, Microsoft had introduced Android Subsystem with the help of Project Astoria which allowed Windows 10 phones to run Android apps like any other native Windows apps. But according to the reports published in WBI, in the latest build, Project Astoria is no longer available and this has left many users wondering whether Windows phones still support Android apps or not.

What could be the reason for the removal of Project Astoria?

  • When Microsoft released the latest build to the insiders, the insiders had found an unexpected issue on the Windows 10 devices that were running preview builds. The main issue reported was, the phones became slower after few weeks even though no big changes were made. Microsoft itself gave a confirmation on this saying that it was aware of the issue and it also promised to investigate soon. But the removal of Project Astoria from the latest build 10549 made several think that Android subsystem was at fault.
  • It’s not a new thing that the phones running older versions of Android become slower over time; it seems like the same problem has affected Windows 10 phones as well. However, Redmond is yet to confirm the reason, but it’s pretty clear that the company tried experimenting to check whether it’s the Android subsystem that’s slowing down the Windows phones.

But interestingly, the subsystem files are still present in the recently released emulator that runs build 10563. It would be very interesting to see how the company is going to cope up if it is the one at fault.

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