Small Businesses Can Still Have Big SEO Victory

2 July 2013


Phoenix: Many small business owners believe like they can’t compete with the “big” brands just because they don’t have the money or the manpower to attain real SEO success. But evaluating your SEO success against those bigger brands might really be selling your own campaign short! Small businesses can have just as much SEO success as any other company; the key is to know where to focus your limited resources to get the most bang for your buck.

Here are 3 ways small businesses can still get big SEO success:

1. Build one quality link at a time.

Links are still the bread and butter of SEO. And though the Google Penguin update has many small business owners running scared from link building you can’t afford to overlook this key component of SEO for too long. The key to link building is to build one quality link at a time and to vary the link sources as much as you can. This helps out keep your link profile looking natural and can guard your website from future algorithm updates. Don’t set random link count goals for yourself as this can frequently lead to last minute scrambling at the end of the month, which typically means you’re building links you would have otherwise passed over. If it wasn’t a good link then why is it now that a deadline in hanging over your head?

Keep in mind that no quality link needs to be justified! Relevancy and authority determine a quality link, not how easy it is to build!

2. Create content that serves your audience’s needs.

In a recent interview Elisabeth Osmeloski of Search Engine Land said, “Small businesses who connect with their most loyal customers on a regular basis, through simple interactions can be more agile and responsive to customer needs. Content marketing doesn’t have to be a massive investment of time or even intense amounts of writing. Just quick announcements on G+ or pictures/comments on Facebook might be enough for their audience.”

Your content marketing campaign has to be about your viewers and what they want; it must not be about how amazing your company is. What kind of information is your target audience seeking? What problems are they trying to explain? Your content must become a resource for your audience and over time your authority and online brand presence will grow. Good content can also bring in you high quality links. The key is to understand what your audience needs and to give it to them. A company blog, a strong social media presence, and an ear to the ground can help your small business build its online presence eventually.

Just bear in mind that building authority through content marketing takes time. It could be months or even longer before your company blog starts getting much traffic. But you have to be dedicated to the long haul for your SEO program to work.

3. Focus on the niches your competition has overlooked.

If you run a small floral shop in Boston probabilities are you will never have the same online brand presence that 1-800-Flowers does. But that doesn’t mean you can’t control your own local market with a strong SEO program! Your shop can cater to wedding parties, high-end hotels that throw events, gardening enthusiasts, local restaurants and more. The key is to work out what niches your competition isn’t in or has overlooked and claim that space for yourself. SEO is about placing your website so that when visitors come looking your site is ready to go! The aim is to not disrupt their online experience with ads and banners, but create enough touch points so that when they require you they can easily find you and do business with your brand.

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