SEO News and Data Blast: 11th – 24th January 2013

19 March 2013

Phoenix: News eh? There are always tonnes of it around, most of it fairly grim. Of course, this is also true of the world of search itself – which is why we have these little forays into what’s been occurring over the last week while. Hope there something of interest for you. Anyway, on with the show.
Facebook graph search
Facebook’s first proper entry into search had to come along sooner or later, and it happened last week with the launch of Graph Search. How does it operate in the real world? Well, we’d love to be able to tell you but as of yet we have no access. Luckily enough, there have (rather predictably) been a slew of posts ranging from how it could make or break you to how underwhelming it is. There was also this rather hilarious Actual Facebook Graph Searches blog, highlighting some of the mad contradictions that exist in Facebook user profiles. Time will tell how Graph Search begins to affect the wider search landscape, if at all.
Updated image search
Google has updated its image search function to a more streamlined interface, which they claim will be an improvement for both users and webmasters.
Worth keeping an eye of Webmaster Tools for any changes in image visit patterns. The new image search should be rolling out worldwide right about now.
Panda 24
These are almost not worth commenting on now, but Google has confirmed on 22nd January that there was indeed another update to its Panda algorithm (the 24th)  - this apparently affected 1.2% of English language searches.
Redesigning Google
Ok so admittedly this looks like a bit of a PR exercise, but still, The Verge give us an insight into some of the internal mechanics at Google. Plus, Matais Duarte’s shirt is immense.
Content marketing deluge
This is a top class slide deck from Velocity Partners on the content marketing deluge we are currently in the midst of. Contains some admirably course language as well as some excellent points on the types of content that are going to win out in this new era.


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