The New Google Smackdown: Bye Bye Over-Optimized Websites

2 April 2012

Phoenix : An over optimized site has too many keywords says Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at Google. For example, let’s say your company wants to market to Lancaster, New Oxford, Abbotts town, Hanover, Gettysburg, York, Harrisburg, and Camp Hill Pennsylvania. Well, that’s a mighty long list of keywords. An outdated or uneducated web designer or SEO company will litter a list like this throughout your site – in your Meta data (the hidden area only search engines read), behind your photos, in your header and footer, and throughout your content. Cutts says these websites will get the smackdown.

An over optimized site has exchanged too many links, according to Cutts. Did your website or SEO Company participate in a link exchange program on your behalf? If you’re not sure, you’d better find out. Very soon, websites with an overabundance of back links acquired from link exchange sources will feel the pain.


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