Memory Profiler Gets Improved with Android Studio Version 1.5

7 December 2015

Phoenix: Android Studio is known as official IDE developing Android apps and is based on Java development environment. Android Studio version 1.5 which was released recently to the stable channel has brought exactly what the developers were expecting from it. According to the experts, the tool has delivered nothing extraordinary but has come up with some bug fixes, performance enhancing processes and miscellaneous tunings.

One main thing that has come with the upgrade is the improved memory profiler which helps developers in detecting the known causes of leaked activities. The version 1.5 is all about performance and it has already surpassed the beta stage and has started rolling out.

Purpose of Update (version 1.5)

  • According to Google, the main purpose behind the update was to fix the problems under the hood. Numerous bug fixes along with the stability improvements have been made with the update. The glad news for developers is that, they will now be able to use short names while doing code completion for custom views. Along with this, Google also threw in some new features. Using version 1.5, you can adjust the memory profiler in such a way that it assists you the best in detecting the causes of leaked activities. Google has added multiple new lint checks.
  • According to Google, this new feature is capable of analysing a heap dump to look for known problems like leaked activities. As already said, several lint checks for static code analysis have also been added including the one that warns if developers are trying to override the resources references from the manifest. Also, the theme editor in IDE shows the previews.

So, if you are the one who write codes for Android, this improved Memory Profiler can help you in detecting the causes for leaked activities while testing. You can easily spot out the errors caused because of careless coding. For developers who want to find out more about the benefits of fixing memory leaks, LeakCanary library can be a powerful resource. You need to trust that Google itself uses this library for some of its apps.

Meier from Google said that, there are number of bug fixes where they have been working hard to polish the code completion. It’s also been ensured that the Android Studio doesn’t steal your focus if you switch virtual desktops during build and run phase.

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