How Real-Time Weather Data Can Benefit Businesses?

5 October 2015

Phoenix: These days, the weather apps have been extremely useful for an average smartphone user. You can have the information on temperature, hourly predictions and a lot more at your fingertips. Such weather apps can certainly be a boon for many businesses. This has been the main reason for IBM teaming up with a weather company. Meanwhile, in The Stack, the experts have said that the weather data services will be integrated into IBM’s cloud where Watson’s AI-analytics system will be combined with the input stream to furnish the real time weather based alerts for business.

According to the reports published on ZDNet, the weather information and cloud-driven services will be focused on three prime areas like:

  • Watson Analytics for weather, which offers both historic and real-time weather data.
  • The Cloud and Mobile App Developer Tools, which allow developers to create apps that, make use of weather data.
  • Business Operational Weather Expertise, which enables businesses to learn how to adapt weather data for their needs.

Weather data in irrigation

According to Alex Brisbourne, the CEO of global M2M network, companies like Puresense deal completely with water management for farming industry. If you are such a company, you will have to use sensors on the field to track the weather related information like expected rainfall, actual rainfall, relative humidity, cloud cover and so on. Then you can use that data for managing the process of irrigation to deliver the right amount of water to optimize the crop’s production throughout its growth.

Weather data in traffic management

Few firms like INRIX which offers traffic management for both public and private sectors would be benefitted from the real-time weather information. In many major cities, sight of a raindrop can affect the flow of traffic greatly. So, fleet management applications would be benefitted by knowing the traffic patterns of weather, so that the drivers can change their routes on the fly.

Weather data in retail industry

Coming to retail industry, the companies can manage staffing and supply chain strategies based on the weather related information. Strom forecasts can bring them the spike in grocery sales and other seasonal items. The retailers who consider weather data and plan the sales accordingly can increase their brand value. Also, their stores become the one with all the emergency items in stock.

Instead of simply reacting to the circumstances that occur, you can be prepared for the situation. So, triggering IoT devices to react to the weather updates can enhance business operations across all the industries, as you can analyze the options instantly and make your decisions based on the best outcome.

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