How to Employ Google Rich Snippets to aid Your SEO

3 July 2013


Phoenix: A trend that has lately started to catch fire among local internet marketing services is the use of rich snippets on Google. Google Rich Snippets can aid considerably boost your SEO results, while improving traffic to your sites coming from search engines as well. Rich snippets let Google to use more information about your website within your website’s Google search result.

Rich Snippets Defined

Rich snippets enable Google to draw information out of your website and show that information on your website’s Google search results. Google usually takes in the description, standard title and page URL in every listing. With Google rich snippets, you can have Google include author information, ratings, images, and more.

Employ Rich Snippets

Oftentimes, businesses will not take benefit of the value of adding up rich snippets to their websites, as they feel the implementation of rich snippets is too tricky. Even though the execution of rich snippets may be more difficult, it has been proven to be time well spent, as it has ability to statistically increase your click-through rate by upwards of 30%.

The earliest method for employing rich snippets onto your website is through the use of microdata. Microdata give a means of labeling content, so that it is recognizable by Google. For instance: If you list your contact information on your website, microdata offers you the ability to label your phone number as your phone number to Google, your address as your address, and so on.

Microdata is a set of pre-defined syntax that can be added in HTML5 that labels and spots precise information about your website to Google. Google offers extensive strategies to all types of rich snippets here:

After Implementation Comes Testing

It is significant to test the execution of your rich snippets to ensure they are working well. Google Webmaster Tools offers tools for testing your rich snippets. Once you have tested your rich snippets, and they are ready to go, you can start on your website content with the rich snippets in place. Do not be worried, if you do not directly see the rich snippet data in your search results. Google spiders must still come by and index the revised version of your website.

Available Types of Rich Snippets

There are numerous types of rich snippets obtainable for implementation. Again, Google gives further instructions regarding the execution of each one of these types. Google provides rich snippet types for:

  • Authors
  • Organizations and Businesses
  • Events
  • Music
  • People
  • Products
  • Reviews and more.

Rich snippets are a little known tool with wonderful SEO benefits. Many businesses shy away from executing them, as they need some technical understanding for implementation. However, it is well worth the small trouble to take in them on your website and Google search results. The advantages in SEO performance and increase in click through rate are worth the minor implementation struggle alone.

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