Difference between WordPress and Joomla

12 December 2012


Both Joomla and WordPress offer so many important features and benefits to develop attractive and responsive websites. Both the platforms are flexible enough to extend the core features to meet individuals need and requirements. But then also both are different from each other and that can be seen by differentiating each other.


Joomla and WordPress can be differentiated on so many grounds which are as follows –


  • Versatility: WordPress is blogging software whereas Joomla is an advanced content management System. WordPress helps to publish content related to your product and services and also allows modification if required further, on the other hand Joomla targets industries and markets.
  • Usability: In terms of usability WordPress is far better than Joomla from the point of view of both users and developers. WordPress is very easy and simple than Joomla so it can easily be handled and installed by anyone even with lesser experience and lets them learn many things.
  • SEO: WordPress also allows the facility to provide good page rank to your website but Joomla needs some customization to target benefits from the search engine.
  • Scalability: Joomla can easily be scaled as per the requirement whereas WordPress is fairly limited.


So by seeing all these difference we can say that both are important at their own limitations and boundaries.


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