Aids Set Up a WordPress Site in 4 Easy Steps

23 September 2013

Phoenix: educates how to easily create a website from scratch, using the WordPress platform, with no additional tutorials, no need of experts, hosts or other instances.

Create My Own Website recommends 4 steps in building a website and rendering it functional. The approach is highly supporting to those who have not taken any web design classes or have no knowledge in the programming field. Each of these steps is cautiously described, in accessible terms, and the text is demonstrated with indicative screen captures.

Anyone speculating how to build a website faces the same initial problem: does not know where to begin from. Not only the trouble is daunting, but also the many advice pages obtainable online, which confuse the procedure unnecessarily. Not only programmers create websites, but also people who do not have such training. The entire process is simple and all that is needed, besides the content itself, is a good host and a domain name.

With WordPress being a complex platform, configuring it may sound scary to new users. For this reason, Create My Own Website offers a step-by-step tutorial with explanations, images and definitions meant to teach all the secrets of hosting and creating with WordPress.

The tutorial advanced by the website consist all the needed information on how to create an account, how to set up the WordPress platform, how to tweak the basic website, install the essential plugins – if desired and then how to make the SEO part. In addition, it instructs on how to start endorsing on social media channels.

A website made through CreateMyOwnWebsite.Com will be built employing the WordPress platform, the most accepted one existing at the moment. Before starting, the tutorial presents the future site administrators the basic terms that must be known, along with the structure to become recognizable with. Each concept is made easy and explained in a most complete way for beginners. Furthermore, the advice within the tutorial helps one set up a website which will be simple to update or change in future, without having to hear all over again about how it works.

Users can log in to their hosting control panel. This will illustrate them how to install WordPress and get it started. A WordPress icon exists in the Control Panel, and this has to be clicked in order to begin the installation. All other actions to take are detailed on the website. The newest stable version of WordPress will be set up. No additional plugins are required for perfect functionality. The next step is configuring WordPress and customize the website, which is also explained online.

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