Apple's Beats-Based Music Service Making Its Entry to Android!

3 March 2015

Phoenix: The year 2014 didn’t give much news for iTunes. Though there was no international growth iTunes Radio, there was Apple’s acquisition of Beats music. It was the only thing that caused a bit of tussle in Apple’s media department by tossing out older plans and demanding for the new ones to be made. People would have been left with a feeling of surprise if Apple was not working on a new and hybrid music service.

Since Apple acquired Beats for a very small amount of $3 billion, ‘Beats’ fans who doesn’t have Apple devices started feeling that they would be left out in the cold on future services and products. But they don’t have to worry as Apple’s Beats-based music is now making its way to Android. According to a report, Apple is all set to build a brand-new service based on its Beats acquisition (with apps for both Android and iOS). It’s the first time that Apple is building an in-house Android application.

Apple has no plans of developing apps for Windows

Apple seems like it has no plans of developing a Windows Phone application (considering Microsoft’s market share). It’s not going to develop even a web application, so we can just say that the Chromebook users might be out of luck. But as said before, Apple is planning to build a streaming service into iTunes, so that you will be able to access it from a system running on Windows or OS X.

It looks like Apple is following a strategy to undercut the competition’s pricing. If rumors are believed, the monthly price of Apple’s Beats-based music service might be $7.99 per month which is $2 cheaper than Rdio, Spotify and Google Play Music. This is certainly a good enough discount to make your eyes wander on what Apple has cooked up.

Google Play Music

However, the company was not sure about the type of integration to be used to bring over a playlist from an already existing service. If the users have spent their time in building up their collection or playlists using ‘Play Music’ or any other service, it’s not at all enticing to go through a huge hassle to save a few dollars. Along with that, Google Play Music also has some extra integration like voice commands which you can’t find in other services.

A recent article on Beats based service claimed that it relies heavily on the iTunes collection for finding new music. Users will be able to find any song in the Apple’s catalogue and they can also add it to their iTunes library. Apple wants to keep its existing iTunes radio and iTunes Match just live with the duplication of services.

This will be the first app that the Apple is developing for Android. Apple clearly says that there are no religious issues in building the app for Android. Apple is doing this because it requires the app to reach a wider user base. And also, to satisfy any existing company deals negotiated (if there are any) by Beats before it was purchased.

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