Apple’s launches A New Operating System for iPhone and iPad

3 July 2015

Phoenix: Recently Apple launched Beta version of its new operating system iOS 9 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). This operating system update is said to be compatible with iOS devices that use Apple’s A5 processor which means all the iPhones from iPhone 4s and iPads from iPad 2 and also the 5th generation iPod touch. As always, the features of new operating system are kept secret but the rumors are hovering around.

Here are some of the features the users are longing to have in their iOS devices:

  1. Split-screen mode support: With iOS 9, Apple introduced the multitasking feature which the users were longing for. The ability of iOS to run multiple apps was the only thing that prevented iPad from being an effective business device like its rivals (Lenovo and Microsoft). This was the feature that was reportedly intended for iOS 8 but it didn’t happen. Currently Apple is working on 12.9 inch iPad which is expected to be launched in autumn with the updated OS.
  2. Force touch support: Force touch was first introduced with Apple watch which later came to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. It is an intelligent way of using a single surface to trigger multiple functions based on the pressure applied by the user. For instance, if you Force touch an Apple Watch, it pulls up the menu to change the watch face. Likewise force touching a track pad reveals the locations used on map, adds an event to the calendar or preview’s a files contents.
  3. Rootless security system: One more feature that rumored heavily is the Rootless security system. It’s been said that the new security system is designed to put an end to jailbreaking which make it easy for the hackers to get through. With this, Apple proved it again that it has been very keen on preserving data protection and user privacy.
  4. Trusted Wi-Fi: Trusted Wi-Fi is yet another security focused feature we can see in iOS 9. Having this feature, the iOS and Mac devices will use highly encrypted connections when they try to join any unknown routers or when they try to connect with authorized networks without the additional security measures.
  5. Proactive: Proactive is one more major feature that the users are expecting to be out with iOS 9. It is basically an improved version of the Spotlight search function which provides the search results including the notes, installed apps, contacts and Wikipedia entries on swiping down the unlocked home screen.

With these new features, users are expecting the update to be released soon but it seem like Apple just showcases iOS 9 at World Wide Developers Conference but its release will be pretty late.

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