6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

17 October 2014

Phoenix: It’s annoying to drop several hundred dollars on a high-end smartphone just to find that the smooth and quick performance you anticipated stays elusive. There are a range of ways to accelerate performance of Android, and a few things you can do to make it feel quicker.

The key difference between an iPhone and an Android is that iOS is meant to function on specific device(s) and it was built considering a specific hardware configuration. Android, in contrast, was built for several devices that do not allocate a standard hardware specification. It’s just like the Windows of smartphones.

Several Android phones run on few hundred megahertz with a handful of internal memory while there is giant like HTC One X that function on a multi-core processor with 1 GB of RAM. Owing to these, performance of Android phones varies and hence some emerge to be slow when compared to others.

It’s vital to maintain your smartphone’s efficiency and you can easily do that by following the 6 easy-to-do steps stated below:

1. Keep Your Home Screen

If you select to make use of live wallpaper then think about substituting it with a better image. You must also clear away all unwanted icons and confine your widgets to the requisites. The less messy your home is, the improved in terms of performance.

Thus try to use only what you need and reduce the number of home screen panels that encompass icons and widgets.

2. Disable Live Wallpaper and Screen Animation

You always need to be certain what you want with your device – performance or appearance. Both cannot go together unless your phone is a high end. If you are seeking a quality performance, you must stop all the Live Wallpapers and the screen animation that offers fading effect to your menus.

3. Uninstall Unused Apps

You don’t want those apps that you never use to occupy space on your device and possibly eat up system resources. Go to Settings > Apps and swipe over to the All tab. Have a good look down the list and spot the apps you don’t need. If you are uncertain about any of them, then it’s time to hit Google and verify.

Tap on any app you do not wish for and then uninstall or, if there is no option to install, tap Disable. You can always enable the disabled apps in future as they get listed on a new tab.

You must also take a glance in Settings > Apps at the Running tab. Some apps run all the time and they can impact on performance badly. Consider carefully whether you need what’s listed there.

4. Clean Cached app Data

Cached data for apps must aid them to load faster, but it can build up over time to occupy quite a lot of space and there will possibly be cached data for apps that you no longer need. At times, clearing cached data for an app can also help in clearing up flaky behavior.

If you feel like picking individual apps then direct to Setting > Apps slide over the All tab and tap on the appropriate app then select Clear cache. If you are certain to just clear the entire lot then go to Settings > Storage and tap on Cached data and then tap OK. Moreover, look into CCleaner, it cleans out you app cache and aids carry out this kind of maintenance.

5. Carry out a Factory Reset

This is an extreme step, but it’s recommended that you do a factory reset periodically if you want your device to run effectively. It’s not only a shortcut to clearing your device and discarding any junk you have gathered, but it means wiping all of the data and settings. If you choose to attempt it then ensure you keep back up of everything that’s vital. You can get the option to do it in Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

6. Overclock your Device

One of the reasons you will notice differences in performance between Android devices with basically the same processors, is that some OEMs restrict speed so as to decrease heat and extend battery life. If you are keen to root your Android device then you can overlock it employing an app like SetCPU or Android Overlock. It’s sensible to continue with care if you do choose to do this.

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