Integrating Magento and WordPress to Develop an Efficient E-Commerce Website

Both WordPress and Magento have their own pros and cons. But integrating both the frameworks to build a single website is probably one of the best ways to have an efficient ecommerce website. When somebody suggests you to have new blog extensions for Magento, you would say “Why to bother about blogs when we have WordPress?” you are actually right! Let the platforms do the things at which they excel. But even Magento can offer some excellent features to build an ecommerce website. So, combining both the platforms certainly provides a favorable result.

While using only Magento to build an ecommerce site, you might come across the following issues:

  1. Performance: Generally, Magento depends a lot on its cache tools to bring out the best of a website. It might be because of several reasons like the complex XML layout, sheer amount of stylesheets and so on. A generic page might not have to load in a contact form stylesheet or in a jQuery library.
  2. Flexibility: Magento is certainly one of the leading ecommerce frameworks, but it doesn’t offer high grade of flexibility and also has a poor content management system. For instance, if the client wants to have an editable carousel on the website’s homepage, it makes use of an expensive yet ineffective module to do that.
  3. Time: Setting up an ecommerce website using Magento takes a lot of time because of its complex XML layout. It has to do multiple file changes to determine the appearance of a web page. A page request to alter the appearance of websites takes lot of time and also it’s ineffective if a bug fix is needed.

A common solution for all the above mentioned issues is using Magento as a backend and WordPress as a frontend. If you have to make any changes on the content of the website, structure and the appearance, you can make use of WordPress while you can configure the product and sales information using Magento. This method offers the flexibility of WordPress and also the powerful inventory system of Magento.

By making use of MWI plugin, you can bring Magento’s functions and classes in a WordPress template and it provides far more flexibility to build effective websites. Using this plugin, we can also build some advanced search pages in WordPress which can search any products, posts, pages depending on the search query.

By just doing a few things mentioned above, you will get an edge over the competition by providing an engaging ecommerce experience for both the users and GoogleBot.

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