6 Important Points to Consider While Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

As we all know, we are in the mobile-first world and everybody will have a smartphone to communicate and to look for the information.  In most of the countries, number of smartphones has exceeded the number of personal computers because of which mobile friendly websites have become a critical part of having online presence.

So, if you haven’t yet made your site mobile-friendly, it’s really a high time for you to do it. Most of the users who visit your site are more likely to be using a mobile device.

Here are a few best practices to efficiently optimize your site for mobile.

1. Fluid layouts

There are literally numerous screen sizes for you to pick and select the one to design a layout, but you will have to create a layout which can adapt seamlessly to all the screen sizes. Fortunately, we have fluid layouts today; they have actually become a standard among web professionals these days.

2. Functionality

Functionality is what you offer your visitors to get their things done easily. Based on the aim and objective of your website, all the tools like product search, nearest store locations, currency converters, product reviews and more must help the users in performing the intended functions and achieve their goals faster.

3. Identify Your Users

Don’t try to become the jack of all trades; don’t fall into a ditch in the process of satisfying the demands of all the users. Because it might cost you a potential user and finally you will end up satisfying none. Try to find your audiences instead and then figure out their browsing behavior. Basically there are two types of users; one who’s browsing with no goals in mind and the one who’s looking out to perform some task. Identify your user among these and provide them what they need.

4. Have a look at Developer’s Library

Based on the platform you are using, it’s really important for you to have a close look on the UI guidelines. This is because a few platforms will be more flexible than others. Whatever might be the case, the key components or signatures of the brand should remain same. An Apple developer should always have a look at iOS interface guidelines of human and follow its standards while designing the strategies, UI elements, icons, etc. The same applies for Android developers as well.

5. Make the content available to users

There are a few designers who opt to hide some contents from mobile users instead of making it available to all. This might be because they feel that the content is too much for a mobile layout which is not really a right approach. Providing your users a stripped version of your site is not just unfair, but can cause serious backfire and makes you lose your customers.

6. Design for Touch

It’s good for designers to bear in mind the fact that, these days mobile device users will mostly be using their fingers and not the mouse pointers. So, your design must provide users an easy way to navigate using fingers of all the shapes and sizes considering the touch-screen mobile devices. You also need to make sure that the users need not pinch or zoom too much to tap on something or to fill out a form.

As long as you keep the user’s needs as your top priority, you really have to be very concerned about optimizing your site for mobile devices; above mentioned are just a few among various ways to optimize your website.

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